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At this time, we are unable to perform any gun work or process choke tube orders, as all our equipment and stock is still in storage. We are awaiting the final disbursement of business assets between the owners.  Chambermates will continue to be sold online as stock is available. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this product please email or leave a detailed message.
The Seminole Cup tournament is a separate entity which will continue to run as usual.


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Chamber MatesÔ are lightweight sub gauge chamber inserts that allow you to safely fire and eject shells of a smaller gauge than your gun is chambered for. They are approximately the length of a fired shell, come with integral extractors that work in conjunction with the extractors of the gun to extract the spent smaller gauge shells, and unlike full length barrel tubes that change the feel and dynamics of your gun by adding upwards of two pounds of additional weight to the barrels, Chamber MatesÔ weigh in at just a few ounces and provides your gun with the same feel and undisturbed balance, and with no noticeable increase in weight than when utilized in conjunction with the larger gauge shells that you normally use.
You are probably already saying to yourself that there is no way that you can fire small gauge shells thru the bore and choke of a larger gauge shotgun and achieve any satisfactory results, but there are some things in this world that just can’t be explained, and this is one of them. Everything that we have been previously told about the science of ballistics tells us that this can’t work, but it does. It may not work on paper or in mathematical formulas, but it works in practical application, and works well. 

12 Gauge Gun - .410 insert
20 yds - #9 Shot - Skeet Choke
1229 fps - 86% pellet count 30 in. circle

 All you have to do is take a look at the patterns and velocities achieved in our testing to believe it. Better yet, all you need to do is watch a clay target turn to dust or a bird crumple up and fall out of the sky and you will have all the proof you need. 

Our hundreds of patterning and velocity tests and extensive field testing have proven that the velocity and pattern percentages produced when firing a smaller gauge shell thru a shotgun of a larger gauge is as good and many times better than what can be achieved when firing the same smaller gauge shell thru a standard shotgun or full length barrel tube of a matching gauge.

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