Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are Chamber Mates™?
A. The 20 & 28 gauge Chamber Mates are the size of a fired shell and weigh less than a couple of ounces each. Because .410 shells use slow burning powders the .410 Chamber Mates have a 6 inch extension that allows the slow burning powder enough time to completely burn off to full velocity before jumping out into the bigger bore. They weigh just over 3 ounces each including the extension tube.

Q. What are Chamber Mates™ made of?
A. Chamber Mates™ are made of 17-4 stainless steel and are built to withstand years of use.

Q. What gauges are Chamber Mates™ available in?
A. 12 gauge to 20, 28 & .410, 16 gauge to 28 & .410, 20 gauge to .410, 28 gauge to .410, and 10 gauge to 20 gauge. There is not enough wall thickness to safely cut ejector slots for the 10 gauge to 12, 16 gauge to 20, and 20 gauge to 28 gauge, therefore those conversions will not be available.

Q. What holds the Chamber Mates™ in the gun?
A. A rubber o-ring located 3/4" from the front end of the tube hold them snugly in the chamber of the gun.

Q. How well do they pattern?
A. The patterns percentages produced are on average as good as and many times even better than what can be achieved when firing the same smaller gauge shell thru a standard shotgun or full length barrel tube of a matching gauge.

Q. What about the Velocity?
A. Chronograph tests show that shells fired thru Chamber Mates™ on average produce the same velocities and many times higher than what we got from the same shells when fired thru a real smaller gauge gun.

Q. What about chokes?
A. If you want a skeet pattern, put in the skeet choke. For longer shots, tighten up your chokes accordingly as normal. The patterns produced by the smaller gauge shells conform to the constriction of the larger gauge choke selected.

Q. What kind of guns can I use Chamber Mates™  in ?
A. Chamber Mates™ are designed for use in over & under, side by side or single shot break open guns only. They can not be used in pumps or autoloaders.

Q. Do I need to send my gun in to get the Chamber Mates™ fitted to it?
A. No. Chamber Mates™
fit into any break open shotgun regardless of make or model and require no special fitting allowing you to switch them from one gun to another.

Q. How do I get the spent shell out of the Chamber Mates™?
A. Chamber Mates™ come with integral extractors that work in conjunction with the extractors in the gun that extract the spent smaller gauge shells while leaving the inserts snugly in the chamber for the loading, firing, and extraction of additional shells. In this manner, all you have to do is load, shoot, and extract the smaller gauge shells in the exact same manner as you would the larger gauge shells normally used in the gun.

Q. Will the small gauge shells set the triggers for the second shot in my gun?
A. We have found that in 98% of guns that we have used them in that the inertia triggers will reset even with the .410. However, in just a few guns, the 28 and/or the .410 shells may not reliably set inertia triggers every time that will require having your inertia triggers changed to mechanical triggers. This is a cheap and simple procedure that any competent gunsmith can perform for you. If your gun already has mechanical triggers, double triggers, or hammers, you will not encounter any problems.

Q. What is the best type of ammo to use?
A. Quality target loads with one piece plastic hulls and base wads such as Winchester AA and Remington STS or Premier performed the best and load and eject with ease. Other brands of shells with 2 piece wads and/or paper base wads and thin brass (aluminum or steel in some shells) have a tendency to swell and stick in the insert tube in some guns. Experimentation with different brands of shells is the best way to determine which shells will work in your gun since some of the cheaper shells will work in one gun and not another. Quality  target loads work in all guns and are always your best bet.

Q. Can I use Reloads?
A. Yes. Reloads from any shell that was successfully fired and ejected thru the insert tube will work with excellent results. It is recommended that you resize all hulls before reloading as this returns the brass to it's original size, especially if the shells were not previously fired thru the insert tubes.

Q. Can I shoot 3 inch shells in the 20 gauge and .410 conversions?
A. Yes. All 20 gauge and .410 insert tubes are 3 inches long and will allow you to safely fire 3 inch shells in 2 3/4 inch chambered guns. 

Q. Can I use steel or tungsten shot?
A. No. It is not recommended to use any type of hard shot as we do not know what happens when the shot and wad are traveling down the barrel. It could be possible to scratch your bore.

Q. Can they be used in Damascus twist barrels?
A. No. Damascus twist barrels are not safe to use with smokeless powder ammunition.

Q. What about recoil?
A. It is virtually eliminated. Great for people who flinch and for introducing women and children to the shotgun sports.

Q. Can they be used for clay target competition?
A. Yes. You can shoot 4 different gauges with the same gun while maintaining the same feel and undisturbed balance, and with no noticeable increase in weight than when utilized in conjunction with the larger gauge shell that you normally use.

Q. Are they legal for clay target competition?
A. Yes. The NSSA/NSCA rules state that any gun of a larger gauge that has been converted to shoot smaller gauge shells is legal so long as the small gauge shells being used conform to the legal shot size and charge weight specified for use in registered competition.

Q. Can they be used for hunting?
A. Yes. Chamber Mates™
are great for all types of upland hunting. For waterfowl hunting in areas where lead is not allowed, bismuth shot can be used.

Q. What kind of Warranty is offered?
A. Chamber Mates™
have a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects and have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for performance. If you do not like them for any reason, you can return them for a full refund. Returns after 30 days of purchase subject to 25% penalty fee.

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